My Story

Whether you call it “Fate”, “Destiny”, “A Gift” or “A Calling”, the fact is that some people are just born to sing and create music. At only 14, Danielle Salabarria, aka ‘DENI', began writing and performing around the metro Atlanta area in 2009 as half of the acoustic duo ‘Luna & Sol’.  And while the sisters continue to play and record together occasionally, DENI's solo career as a singer/songwriter began to take off in late 2013.  She is a multi instrumentalist who brings amazing stage presence and intense emotion into her songs, and she continues to build a fan base everywhere she performs.

Upon moving to Nashville in 2014 to study Commercial Voice at Belmont University, her career began to gain speed as she developed a unique vocal style and incredible range. In 2016, she was appointed to the prestigious "Bear House Writer Management" group. She continues to play shows in Nashville and the metro Atlanta area regularly. Her first album begins production in June 2016 and is scheduled for release shortly there after.

DENI's unique style, soulful and hard-hitting, could be best described as Pop R&B, and she incorporates both piano and guitar into her repertoire. Musically reminiscent of Adele, Carole King or John Legend, her actual sound is totally individual and distinct. Even at her tender age, she is best known for her hard hitting, crystal clear and wide ranging vocals combined with intensely poetic and personal lyrics. Her music is surprisingly mature and incredibly passionate.